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Chris Jacoby 663 (.com)

This is a time of great joy, gratitude and love. Work that is immensely important to me has reached a wonderful plateau and in this little website I am intending to acknowledge and thank the people who have made it possible. I need to write text, collect images, and choose links to do this and that will take a little work, but it begins today. And, I think I will engage a website pro to convert this little website to something that is suited to mobile use and that meets SEO requirements. If you would like to get in touch with me please click on the E-Mail button and send me your e-mail address and/or your phone. Thank you.

There is a bigger idea of which this part is an energy source. The folowing links explain the bigger idea. The acronyms for the bigger idea are "SDSN" & "SusDev". Websites for my part in it are,, & (the first 5 links below are mine, the last 2 provide important world-wide context)

  1. My context for the website I am playing in:
  2. Weblinks for learning about the bigger idea:
  3. (more on the bigger idea not yet developed)
  4. Main website I am playing in:
  5. Our Facebook page for my passion: (It would help if you would "like" the Facebook page because when we have 30 likes Facebook will do more to help us.)
  6. A company in Singapore very important:
  7. The WorldWide Intellectual Home for SDSN & SusDev:

The following was received on January 16. 2015.

Dear colleagues,

Today the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) is launching a new global consultation on "Indicators and a Monitoring Framework for the SDGs." This draft report presents a comprehensive indicator framework for the UN Open Working Group goals and outlines major indicator gaps that must be filled over the next twelve months. The draft incorporates comments from hundreds of organizations and has been prepared in consultation with the UN Statistics Division.

The new consultation will run from January 16 - 31. We seek expert input to improve the framework, fill gaps, and consider the widest possible evidence. Please submit all comments via the webform on our website. Submit your input!

We encourage you to join online discussion on Facebook and Twitter using #indicators2015, though official written comments must be submitted via our webform.

Following the consultation, a revised report incorporating public comments will serve as input into the Expert Group Meeting on SDG Indicators in February 2015, being held in conjunction with the UN Statistical Commission.

Thank you in advance for your inputs. Best regards, Guido Schmidt-Traub SDSN Executive Director

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